May 4th, 2009


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I have the day off from work today and tomorrow. (At some point during the brouhaha at work of the last two weeks, my boss said to me, "Take a couple of days off as soon as I can reasonably spare you." I didn't have to be asked twice.) Daniel and I are planning to trek up to Berkeley today, visit some of our old haunts, and probably buy too many books and comics. Here's hoping it doesn't rain on us.

Spent some time with assorted family yesterday. My younger nephew seems to be developing the nickname "Squeaky". Which is fabulous - doesn't Squeaky Levy sound like an organized crime figure from the '20s?

Spotted near the on ramp to the 237 freeway: a man holding up a sign reading, "Residentially Challenged. Please Help." The sense of humor really deserved a small donation, but we were on the wrong side of the street.

Daniel and I stopped by one of the local Borders books yesterday, and they've basically ditched selling CDs and DVDs, except for a small selection of new releases up by the cash registers. (Which explains that massive DVD clearance that allowed me to score a bunch of half-price Doctor Who a few weeks ago.) The space where the CDs and DVDs used to be is now occupied by science fiction, horror, mysteries and thrillers. I can't really tell if they've increased the actual space allotted to books - some of the increased space seems to have simply gone to making the store less cramped, and they put an extra table or two where science fiction and mysteries used to be, so they may just be advancing their transformation into a coffee shop that sells a few paperbacks. (I snark, but I'm part of the problem - we stopped there primarily to get coffee.) Still, it seems like a smart move. I certainly only bought DVDs from Borders when I had a coupon or they were on sale - their prices just weren't competitive otherwise.

Anyway, I'm off to make a cup of tea and curl up with a book. Enjoy your Monday, all!