September 27th, 2009


The DWM 200 Meme

I couldn't resist doing this meme, even though the idea of trying to do a total ranking of every televised Doctor Who story makes my head hurt. Even ignoring the fact that I haven't seen about a quarter of these stories (shameful, I know - I'm working on remedying that), how do you compare "The Aztecs" to "Love and Monsters"? They're really not remotely trying to do the same thing. Not to mention that there are episodes on this list that I haven't seen since I was 13 or so, and was a lot less critical about my Doctor Who

Still, I couldn't resist. The idea is: put stories that you think should be ranked higher in blue, stories which should be ranked lower in red, and stories you haven't seen in italics. (For any story that exists only or primarily on audio, substitute "hear" for "see".)

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As I suspected, I marked a lot more stories for bumping up in the rankings than I marked for bumping down in the rankings, which does leave a little bit of a "but something's got to be last" problem. Some notes:

  • My marking "Robots of Death" for bumping up when it's already in the top 10 is a bit frivolous. However, if I had a an absolute favorite Doctor Who story ever, "Robots of Death" would be it, so I had to give the nod to it somehow.

  • I've actually seen "Tomb of the Cybermen", when it came out on VHS. However, I don't remember any of it, so I've listed it as unseen.

  • I don't see "Utopia" on this list - I guess it must have been folded in with "The Sound of Drums" (which I also don't see listed) and "Last of the Time Lords". I'd have ranked "Utopia" higher than the other two, although probably not higher than the position that "Last of the Time Lords" occupies on this list.

  • "Father's Day" was the first episode of new Who that I actually managed to see, and so it will always hold a special place in my heart.

  • "Greatest Show in the Galaxy" has the dubious distinction of being the only episode of Who that I switched off because it was too damned embarrassing. (The rapping MC. Shudder.) I was a teenager at the time - when the story comes out on DVD, I'll give it another go with an open mind.

  • While I won't argue for "The Time Monster" being good exactly, any episode in which Roger Delgado puts the moves on Ingrid Pitt can't be all bad. I've always found it at least entertaining. No way is it the worst Pertwee story.

  • This falls in the category of stories I haven't seen in over 20 years, but I liked "Time Flight". Possibly because I saw it when I was young and unsophisticated enough to actually be surprised when Kalid turned out to be the Master in disguise.