November 1st, 2009


Foggy day, foggy brain

Making plans to visit the Santa Clara city library at precisely the time when the Santa Clara city library is not open is not a sign of logistical genius. Fortunately, I never claimed to be a logistical genius. It's okay - my books aren't due for another week, and I have plenty to read. (Even taking into account the books on my to-read list that I can't actually find because they are still packed in boxes from our last move. Sigh. I had such grandiose plans about being super-organized after our last move. But the more serious we get about buying a house, the less inclined I am to put any effort into getting this place unpacked and organized - I'll just have to box it all up again.)

Speaking of house-buying, we got a mortgage pre-approval. I hadn't been at all conscious of worrying about this, but it was a real relief when we got it.

My parents were in town yesterday, on their way to Yosemite. We went to Santana Row, and wandered around, and looked at all the people in costume. There was a Halloween-themed wedding at the hotel where they were staying, with lots of the guests in costume, and the groomsmen all wearing black jackets and green silk waistcoats. I didn't see the bride, which was a pity - I really wanted to know what she was wearing. My father wanted my advice on the documentation for a piece of software he's developing. Hopefully what I told him will make life easier and not more difficult for whatever writer they eventually hire to do the docs.

I woke up stupidly early this morning, thanks to the time change. I have breakfasted and had tea. I had planned to walk to the library, but since it isn't open for another 5 hours yet, I think I'll just go for a walk. (I have a radio production of Richard III that I recorded off of Radio 7 and stuck on my iPod - that might make nice accompaniment to a foggy morning walk.)