May 16th, 2010

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Adventures in record-keeping

In preparing for our upcoming move (currently due to happen end-of-May/beginning-of-July-ish), I've been sorting through old files, getting things in order and getting rid of things I no longer need to keep.

Some of the things I've stumbled across:

  • Smog test records from a car that was totalled in 2003.

  • A complete set of paperwork related to the accident that totalled my car in 2003, including the credit-card receipt for my payment to the towing company and a hand-drawn sketch of the intersection at which the accident occurred that I submitted as part of my insurance claim.

  • The rental contract for an apartment that I haven't lived in since 1997. Plus every piece of correspondence I ever had with the landlord of that apartment.

  • A manual for Mac OS 10.1.

No wonder the filing cabinet was full! I've disposed of much of that. (I kept the records from the car accident. Can't really imagine ever needing them, but they don't take up much space.)

I've been moving my most frequently referenced/updated records into three-ring binders, which I find easier to keep organized.

I've only gotten partway through the top drawer of the filing cabinet so far. I know that lurking in the bottom drawer is a large collection of photocopies biochemistry and enzymology papers from my grad school days. Will I have the strength to dispose of those?