August 25th, 2010

diabetes, insulin

Shameless plug

So, to help motivate myself to keep up with my new-found jogging habit, I've signed up to do the American Diabetes Association's Step Out event in San Jose in October. My goal is to run the 3 mile course.

I'm going to be blogging my training efforts over on my Step Out page. So drop by if you're interested in whether I ever manage to run all the way up the ramp to the bridge over San Tomas Expressway.

And if you feel moved to make a small donation, you'll be doing good in two ways. First, you'll be helping to fight diabetes, which is a major contender on the world's list of Diseases that Really Suck. And second, when I'm out there pounding the pavement in 90+ degree heat, you'll have given me one more answer to the question, "Why am I doing this?"