November 18th, 2010

cooking, food

Link Salad: Culinary Edition

An amusing juxtaposition of links crossed my twitter feed this morning:
First, I always thought that I cooked meals at home because they were tastier. But, according to this article, it's possible that these meals are tastier because I cook them at home. Apparently food tastes better when you have to work for it. At least if you're a mouse. (Though, the non-mouse people who regularly eat my cooking also seem to think that it is pretty tasty. Does the anticipation of doing the dishes later add savor to one's food? Really, you gotta love how quickly that article goes from "Here is an interesting scientific result," to "ZOMG! This is the reason Americans are fat!". For values of "love" equalling "cringe at".)

Of course, the very next link to cross my twitter stream was yet another article pointing out that strenuous attempts to make Americans eat more fruits and vegetables have had essentially no impact. Which is attributed to the fact that fresh produce is expensive and difficult to prepare.

But wait, according to the first article, that ought to make fresh produce taste especially delicious! Er...

Actually, I think the dietitian who talks about fresh produce spoiling is closer to the mark. Regularly clearing green goo out of your crisper is powerful negative reinforcement. (Really, sometimes my motivation for cooking dinner is thinking about how much happier I'll be eating that spinach than scraping it off the bottom of the fridge next weekend. But for a lot of people, just not buying the spinach in the first place is an equally valid solution.)