December 26th, 2010


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Well, this vacation hasn't gone entirely as planned. Daniel's been suffering from a rather nasty cold, and I had to curtail my time with my sister and her family today so I could be sure of getting back to our hotel in advance of the blizzard that is currently engulfing New York City. And now I think I might be coming down with Daniel's cold, and I've just got my fingers crossed that we'll be able to fly out Tuesday morning as planned to visit my grandfather in Florida.

Still, annoyances aside, I've had some good times this trip. Had a nice Christmas eve stroll around Central Park with Daniel. I had a really lovely Christmas dinner with family - my sister conjured a feast out of her tiny Queens apartment kitchen - turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, spinach, brussels sprouts, rolls, plus apple crisp for dessert. My niece Nora taught me the perfect game for active toddlers in tiny apartments: playing catch with an imaginary ball. She announces, "I'm going to catch you a ball!" and pretends to throw a ball - I pretend to catch it and throw it back, along with enthusiastic description of the ball's trajectory.

And at least I've got my iPod and my Kindle loaded up with stuff to entertain me while I'm hiding here from the snow.

Hope you all are safe and warm this holiday season!