May 7th, 2011

running, shoes

A 5K race report in the form of notes on a playlist

So, I ran the Willow Glen 5K this morning. In all the previous races I've run, I've usually cued up a Podrunner mix as my musical accompaniment. Which has usually worked well, but this time out, I decided to make myself a running playlist, with strategic songs set up to play at key points in the race.

My goal for this race was to average about a 13 minute mile, which I more or less managed to do. So the playlist functioned exactly as intended. So, here is a race report in the form of notes on a running playlist:
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Runkeeper clocked me at 42 minutes, 51 seconds. My official time will hopefully be a tiny bit shorter, since Runkeeper counted the time spent shuffling slowly towards the start line with 1800 other runners. In any case, it's a couple minutes faster than my previous best time - I'm very pleased with the improvement.