June 14th, 2011



A few interesting links I wanted to share:

  • Via Mary Anne Mohanraj: A blog post on getting things done by creating rituals. I seem to have developed a very effective bedtime ritual that involves meditating, brushing and flossing my teeth while dancing around to silly pop music, and then choosing a podcast to listen to while falling asleep. I think I need to find more ways to incorporate ritual into my work, though. It would probably help me get certain routine but annoying things done more quickly.

  • Via Big Fat Blog: When Your Doctor Makes You Feel Fat. The experiences I've had with weight bias in health care are pretty mild compared to some of what's described in this article, but I can definitely relate. Unfortunately, although the article promises "Here's how to make sure you get the health care - and the respect - you deserve," it doesn't offer much beyond "If you feel you are experiencing weight bias, tell your doctor so. And if you don't like the response you get, find another doctor." Some of the most obnoxious fat-shaming I've ever experienced was during an emergency room visit - how do you find another doctor when you're in the ER?

  • I'm not sure how I missed out on Susan Schorn's Bitchslap column over at Timothy McSweeny's up until now. Both this recent one on princesses and gender roles and this early one on the rules for women who get a black eye during karate class are brilliant. As soon as I get a chance, I'm going back and reading through the whole archive.

  • Via Stumptuous.com: Weightlifting could change your life on why women should lift weights. The point the author makes about noticing a big difference in every day activities is a good one. I've seen noticeable benefits from aerobic training as well, most notably in the ability to keep up with my longer-legged spouse without getting winded. But strength training makes a surprising difference, not only for things like slinging your luggage around, but for things that you don't really think of as requiring strength, like sitting up straight in a chair or shaking your hips when you're dancing to silly pop music while brushing your teeth.