July 27th, 2011


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I'm starting to get a tiny bit annoyed that LJ is working well enough for spammers to spam my old posts, but not well enough for me to actually be able to delete the spam. Also that I can read LJ from my iPhone, but posts made from my iPhone disappear into the Ether. This is the first time in 3 days that I've been able to get LJ to come up on my work computer - we'll see if this post actually goes through.
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Fitness Progress Report 1

I have a feeling that you're all saying, "Oh, gawd, not another fitness post." Sorry, it's been on my mind lately, since the latest changes to my exercise regime are actually starting to have interesting results. Hopefully this brain dump will get it off my mind for a bit.

Just checked, and its been a little over two months since I started doing serious strength training. I'm also just about reaching the point where my strength training is producing notable results beyond Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). So, good time to take stock, right?

Any time I go for a run or walk into the weight room at the gym, I can see people who are much faster and stronger than I am. The thing that keeps me from falling into a giant pit of, "Man, I suck!" is to reflect on how much better I am than I used to be. To aid in that, I've decided to try to jot down some notes on my progress every few months. And I've decided to post them, because I love seeing what other mere mortals like myself are able to accomplish fitness-wise, so maybe someone besides me will find some interest in this.
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So, that's a snapshot of where I am, fitness-wise. Hopefully when I check back in 3 or 6 months, I'll find I've made progress.