August 8th, 2011

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Goth rock nostalgia goes to eleven

So, here we have stage 2 in the aesthetic evolution of The Cult. Just a few scant years after the video I posted last week, and they've gone all 80s metal. Everyone's grown their hair out and is wearing either tight leather or stonewashed denim, hairspray abounds, and there's a huge wall of Marshall amplifiers.

Yes, it's The Cult with "Love Removal Machine":

So what the heck is a love removal machine, anyway? On second thought, maybe it's better not to answer that.
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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Milkshake

At work, we're getting some training in basic video production, allegedly so we can write more intelligent scripts for instructional videos. In practice, it means I got paid this morning to sit in a computer lab and do silly things with footage from Pulp Fiction and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Here's my favorite so far: