September 10th, 2011


On rewatching Revenge of the Cybermen

On a Saturday night in 1983, I happened to flip channels to the local public television station in Orlando, FL, to be greeted by a scene in which a strange curly-haired man in a ridiculous scarf was opening a door in a space station corridor. "I don't want to lose my arm - I'm rather attached to it. It's so handy," he said to the young man and woman accompanying him.

This was around 8 minutes into episode 1 of the Doctor Who story, "Revenge of the Cybermen". (You can see this scene at 0:58 in this Youtube video: I was instantly mesmerized. Here was a hero without benefit of dress sense or social skills, saving humanity with nothing more than brains, some cool gadgetry, and some seriously bad puns. (That right there tells you everything you need to know about what my 9-year-old self aspired to. For that matter, it tells you an embarrassing amount about what my 37-year-old self aspires to.) I'll always have a soft spot for "Revenge of the Cybermen", because it made me a Doctor Who fan.

Which is just as well for "Revenge of the Cybermen", because it hasn't got a lot else going for it.
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Despite all my complaints, I really enjoyed rewatching this story. But I really wouldn't recommend that this be anyone's first exposure to Doctor Who or classic Doctor Who, even if it was the story that made me a fan.