September 19th, 2011

pondering, bowie

Goth rock nostalgia is dead but dreaming...

So, this series of postings is in serious danger of degenerating into "The Best Live Clips of The Mission/The Sisters of Mercy/Fields of the Nephilim, Lovingly Curated from Youtube by wshaffer". Because beyond those three bands, who were the Holy Goth Trinity of my youth, it's starting to get to be real work to find stuff that's high quality, allows embedding (I'm looking at you, Depeche Mode), and that I'm genuinely fond of enough to want to share with you all.

So, I think I will give this a rest for a while. I will probably continue to irregularly post music videos that I enjoy enough to want to share. Some of them might even not be goth. (I do listen to other things. Quite a lot of other things, really.)

To conclude, I'd like to share with you the song that was a large part of the reason I decided to unpack all the boxes in my garage: Fields of the Nephilim's "For Her Light". Some months ago, this song popped into my head and lodged itself there. I went to iTunes, only to discover that somehow, I hadn't ripped it from my copy of the CD. Where was my copy of the CD? In one of the many boxes in the garage. At that point, it became clear that there were three courses of action open to me: go mad, buy the MP3 from Amazon, or unpack the boxes in the garage. Given that I had "Unpack all the boxes in the garage" as a long-neglected to-do list item anyway, I decided that this was my brain's way of telling me to get on with it.

On Saturday, I located a box labelled "CDs", and retrieved this song, along with countless other musical gems that I'm now slowly adding to my iTunes library.

So, here it is. Fields of the Nephilim's "For Her Light". Be warned, it might get stuck in your head. Or cause you to tackle long-neglected projects. It also makes an unexpectedly good running song, as I discovered during Sunday's 10K.