November 1st, 2011



I feel like I should post something about my World Fantasy Con experience, because I had a really wonderful time. However, I had a wonderful time in a way that doesn't lend itself particularly well to recaps. A typical day went something like: get up, maybe get some exercise, go to the con suite for coffee and chat with interesting people, go to a panel or reading, find a group of people to have lunch with, go back to the con suite and have another cup of coffee and chat with more interesting people, go to another reading, find a group of people to have dinner with, go to the bar and chat with interesting people, realize that my poor introvert brain is going to explode and go back to my room and read a book until I fall asleep.

I have to give serious props to the con suite organizers. Not only did they have sufficient quantities of good coffee to keep me adequately caffeinated the entire weekend, but they had a pretty wide array of food options. I ended up having to rely less on my emergency stash of Larabars and protein powder than I'd anticipated.

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I expect it will take a few more days before I catch up on my sleep and re-establish my introvert buffers.