November 24th, 2011


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Many years ago today, Daniel and I went on our first date. At some point during this date, I learned that Daniel was not familiar with Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant", and there was nothing for it but for me to sing it for him, right then and there. This was a slightly odd thing for me to do, because I'm self-conscious about my singing voice, and rarely sing in public, especially not for people who I'm trying to impress. However, it was more fun to share this cool thing with Daniel than it was to allow him to retain the illusion that I might have a beautiful singing voice, so sing it I did.

If, as a couple, we had "a song", I suppose this would be it. (I did consider having it played at our wedding, but decided against it.) Lots of people have already posted it in honor of Thanksgiving, but I'm going to repost it in honor of Daniel. Thanks, Daniel, for still being fun to share all the cool stuff with, and for being the guy I never need to try to impress: