February 26th, 2012

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Conversations We Didn't Have in Skyrim, Part 11

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Through a laborious process of trial and error (I make the errors, Farkas undergoes the trials), I have discovered that Farkas puts up with my hitting him with swords, shooting him with arrows, and asking him to open doors that I know perfectly well are trapped with only mild complaints. However, the one time I accidentally set him on fire with one of J'zhargo's flame cloak scrolls, Farkas let me know in no uncertain terms that our friendship was over by killing me. So, there's an important boundary for you - don't set your friends on fire.

This can be really difficult when they keep insisting on getting between you and the bad guy.

It's Loredas night. You know what that means.

I let fly at a ghost with one hell of a sword blow. One of those ones where you really get your whole body into the swing, and you know your enemy is going down.

And then Farkas suddenly steps right into the path of my blade.

I've got enough time to curse, but not enough to pull the blow. It drops Farkas instantly. He doesn't even get out his usual, "Watch it, sister!" that's his typical response when I clip him with my blade or singe his hair with a misdirected Flame Shout. He just falls.

I glance down and see that he's on his knees and appears to be dry heaving. Good sign, I guess. Dead men don't vomit.

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