February 28th, 2012

mccoy, goth


Can I have a do-over on Tuesday? Because here are some of the lovely things that today has included:

  • I accidentally blew off a meeting with an engineer because I got so caught up in working on something that I failed to notice the appointment on my calendar. Yeah. Way to look professional.

  • The thing I was caught up in working on is annoyingly broken. At one point today I was reduced to pounding my keyboard and shouting, "I just want something to fucking work!" Way to look professional, part two, except that my officemate is used to me by now.

  • Being sexually harassed on one of the online Fields of the Nephilim fan forums, presumably for committing the cardinal tactical error of being openly female. Or possibly I'm overreacting, and it is entirely appropriate to respond to a question inviting others to speculate about the contents of the special Ceromonies box set by posting a picture of a dildo.

  • Having an hour and 20 minute meeting with my boss during which we tried to work out a reasonable timeline for my finishing all the things I'm supposed to be finishing. Which was really productive, and at the end of any other day would be quite positive and energizing. But at the end of this day, I'm sitting here looking at my nice long list of dates and action items, and thinking, "Sod this, I should have become an auto mechanic."