April 20th, 2012


The totally unprepared international traveller

Tomorrow morning Daniel and I are heading to Paris for a week. Daniel's father has once again arranged a visiting professorship in a fabulous location, so we're going to visit. (I was just trying to remember the last time I planned a significant trip that didn't revolve around a science fiction convention or visiting relatives. If it weren't for fandom and family, I'd never go anywhere.)

I've been so swamped trying to get things at work in to a state where I feel like I can leave them for a week that I haven't thought about the trip nearly as much as I normally would. I'd feel unprepared, but I've got my passport, I've got a phone that will allegedly work in Paris, and we've got a place to stay. And I'm mostly packed. What could possibly go wrong? (Don't answer that.)

I'm not sure exactly what my internet access situation will be like, but I expect updates will be thin until I get back. See you all in May!