July 2nd, 2012

mccoy, goth

Music Monday: Five Notes

So, I was almost going to post the new Mooonspell video, because the song is kind of awesome and the video looks cool, but it also just has more OH HAI MALE GAZE HAWT CHICKS OM NOM NOM than I can deal with at the moment. (I'm not even sure that the Moonspell video is particularly egregious in this respect - I've just hit this in a number of metal videos recently and I've developed antibodies or something.)

So, instead I'm posting this live video of Fields of the Nephilim playing "Mourning Sun." The last time I deliberately got up to see a sunrise, I had this song queued up on my iPod to accompany it. I particularly love the middle part of this song, where most of the instruments drop out, and then at about 6:26, John Carter's bass comes back in with a 5 note riff that sounds like he's breaking down the doors to heaven. It's not a terribly complicated or even original riff, but in context, it's just...WHAM.