October 8th, 2012

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Music Monday: What the...? Edition

So, I've had the flu all weekend, which means I've been looking at a lot of strange stuff on the internet. This is one of the strangest.

I was tipped off to this band, Blood on the Dancefloor, by the guys on the Metal Hammer podcast, who basically spent ten minutes going, "What the...I don't even...Huh?" about these guys on their most recent podcast. Remember, these guys do a metal podcast - they take a lot of weird stuff in their stride.

So, I looked up one of the videos they mentioned, and spent ten minutes going, "What the...I don't even...Huh?" The contrast between the visual aesthetic and the audio is striking. These guys look like an extreme metal band that got in a fight with some cotton candy, and sound like a badly-produced boy band. I am so clearly not in the target audience for this. Though the song itself might not be a bad little pop hit if these guys could actually sing and if it were given a little more musical oomph. (Am I wrong? I don't actually think of myself as having particularly high standards for vocal performance, but granting that they are hitting the right notes (possibly with technological assistance), the vocal seem quite lackluster to me.)

Tell me what you think. This is Blood on the Dancefloor with "Unforgiven":