May 12th, 2013

calm, metal

Project MetalDork! progress pic

Here's the "completed" back of the jacket. I put "completed" in quotes, because it's always possible that someday I'll cram a few more patches back there. But of the ones I've got, this is what's going on the back:
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That Vallenfyre patch was an interesting one to sew. In tribute to Vallenfyre's crust punk roots, rather than being an embroidered patch, it's silk-screened on to an unfinished square of black cloth. Basically it's a mass-produced version of DIY band patches made with stencils and fabric paint. It also started to fray at the edges the moment I took it out of the package. The frayed look probably adds to the authenticity, but I wanted this thing to last, so I used closer stitches than usual to sew it so as to keep the edges from fraying much more. It took about 4 times as long as any of the other patches to sew, but I must admit that I like the way it looks.

I've got three more patches to go on the front of the jacket, and one to go on the right sleeve. After that, I'll consider the jacket finished enough to wear, although the front will still look a little sparse. I'm hoping to score a Bolt Thrower patch when I see them at the end of the month, which would be a very nice addition to the collection.