June 3rd, 2013

pondering, bowie

Music Monday: Collaborations

I think I've posted about the Bruce Soord/Jonas Renkse collaboration, Wisdom of Crowds before, but the project is featured in the most recent K-Scope records podcast. You can hear three songs from the project, and an interview with Bruce Soord about how it all came together:

I think the title track sounds particularly gorgeous. I'll admit that the more I hear "Frozen North," the more I think it would benefit from less mechanical sounding drums, but I think it's still a strong track. It's interesting to hear how well Jonas's voice works outside of a "metal" context. (I know people argue about whether Katatonia's most recent works are metal or not. But they indisputably draw on metal influences, and Wisdom of Crowds really doesn't.)

The podcast also includes a track by a band called Leafblade, a collaboration between Daniel Cavanagh of Anathema, and a guy named Sean Jude. Can't say it grabbed me particularly strongly, but it's a pleasant enough track.