July 17th, 2013

silver and steel


My much-abused iPhone 4 seems to have well and truly given up the ghost - since Monday evening, it won't do anything except go into a perpetual power cycle. I've been mulling over what I should do about it, and I think I'll probably just upgrade to an iPhone 5.

Some of the conundra not having a working phone presents:
- How do I set my alarm clock? (Currently using the timer function on an iPod nano plugged into an external speaker.)
- How do I check the weather when I'm deciding what to wear in the morning?
- When I'm in my 9 a.m. meeting and I realize I've forgotten where my 10 a.m. meeting is being held, how do I find out where it is?
- How do I take a picture of the cool new Temple of Void badge I've put on my battle jacket so I can post it on Facebook?
- How do I look up random factoids that come up in conversation while I'm riding in the car?
- How do I search the Pathfinder rule book when a rules question comes up during the game?

"How do I make and receive phone calls?" is actually fairly low on the list.