September 23rd, 2013

mccoy, goth

Music Monday: From the Oyster Comes the Pearl

One of many, many things that I love about The Mission U.K. is that every so often they manage to turn out a love song that is actually a love song, and not a stalker anthem, or a lust song, or some other thing masquerading as a love song. (Not that the Mish don't have a long and (dis?)honorable line in lust songs, ranging from the single-entendre-laden "Love Me to Death" to "Slave to Lust," which would be a sure Grammy winner in any universe in which Best Use of 'Orifice' in a Song was a Grammy category. But that's another post.)

What I think I particularly like about this song from The Mission's new album is that its basic message is, "You are stronger and braver than you were when we first met." If a genuine love song is a rare thing, a genuine love song that celebrates strength and maturity is surely rarer.

Plus, it's a nice little bluesy tune. You can sing along with it. Here is The Mission U.K. with "From the Oyster Comes the Pearl" from their new album, The Brightest Light: