January 31st, 2015

bannakaffalatta, short

Bouldering with the nephews

Went bouldering with the nephews earlier today. Younger Nephew wasn't really into it - I think his favorite part of the whole event might have been the unaccustomed treat of getting to choose a beverage from Planet Granite's fridge. (Thankfully, all he wanted was a Limonata. If he'd set his heart on one of their weird energy drinks, we'd have had to have the "Oh, I may be Aunt Pushover, but even I'm not cruel enough to wire you up on sugar and caffeine and hand you back to your parents" conversation.) Older Nephew had fun, and wants to try top-rope climbing now.

I did put on my climbing shoes and try to scramble up an easy route myself. I still suck at bouldering, and my left shoulder is still not quite as strong or flexible as my right, but it wasn't a complete disaster.