April 20th, 2015

calm, metal

One of these days, I'll learn how to reliably get my camera to focus on people's faces

In the meantime, here are some beautiful photos of the right arm of Gregor Mackintosh, lead singer of Vallenfyre.

The lighting for this show wasn't ideal - the lighting guy used lots of solid color, interspersed with occasional white strobe lights. I have some hopes of being able to rescue the strobe shots with some editing - straight off the camera, they look really overexposed, but maybe Lightroom can fix that. (It's not as simple as *just* tweaking the exposure settings, but I think maybe if I adjust the exposure and the color balance simultaneously, it might work.)

I tweaked the heck out of the exposure and the contrast on the first photo in Lightroom. I think most of the stuff in the background is smoke from the smoke machine and not random noise.