May 16th, 2015


All's fair at Maker Faire

I spent a good chunk of the day at Maker Faire with my sister-in-law and my nephews. It's actually a lot like going to the fair was when I was a kid, with carnival rides and stands hawking overpriced corn dogs and cotton candy. Except it also has battling robots, people zipping around in giant cupcakes on wheels, and lots of things that shoot fire.

Younger Nephew enjoys Minecraft:

But the thing that I think enthralled Younger Nephew more than anything else was tiny robotic air cannon that used a camera to home in on a red target, and then fired a mini-marshmallow at it. He got such a kick of holding up the target, waiting for the marshmallow to fire, and then trying to catch and eat the marshmallow.

Older Nephew had fun with the giant cardboard robot arms:

He also enjoyed various battling robot exhibits, and spent quite a bit of time in the Meccano booth.

Older Nephew was quite curious about the demographics of the event:
Older Nephew: Why are there so many teenagers here?
Me: Well, kids grow up into teenagers.
Older Nephew: I know, but there are so many of them. Look - there's another one!
Me: I guess teenagers like robots?

It was a fun day out, though I think if I go again, I'd like to try to go when it's less crowded.