June 6th, 2015

totally_sane, suzie

A month's worth of reasons to vote for Helsinki in 2017, part 6

I'm posting a Finnish heavy metal video every day in June in support of the Helsinki in 2017 Worldcon bid. Longer explanation here.

Today's pick is by Sotajumala. The band's name translates as "Wargod" and in keeping with their name, they play a pretty straightforward brand of death metal. It's good straightforward death metal, though.

If you like what you hear, you can download the entire album for free here: http://www.sotajumala.com/download/. Although, if you really like what you hear, you should buy a copy, since the band financed this album out-of-pocket and probably won't make another one unless they can make their money back.

This is "Sinä et ole yhtään mitään" by Sotajumala: