September 9th, 2018


More video games with niblings!

Youngest Niece, who is six, has noticed that Younger Nephew gets to hang out with me and play video games, so she asked if she could hang out with me and play video games.

We went out for sushi first, because sushi is her favorite food. Daniel and I were reflecting that we didn't have such sophisticated palates when we were six, but sushi wasn't nearly as ubiquitous then either.

We played Lego Marvel Superheroes, which I think is not as good a game as Lego Star Wars (some of the puzzles are very fiddly to solve), but is still pretty fun. Youngest Niece got a kick out of being able to play Spiderman, a favorite character of hers. Like her brother at the same age, when she figured out that it's possible in the Lego games for the player characters to kill each other, she spent about 10 minutes figuring out every possible way to kill my character. Hulk Smash! (Death is very gentle in the Lego games - you immediately get resurrected. So this behaviour is not nearly as annoying as it might sound.)

We also messed around with a driving game that was part of some arcade game sampler installed on the XBox, which we were both hilariously bad at. (Like, driving off cliffs bad.) And we played a few rounds of Pac Man, and then she decided that she was done with games for the day and we went and got ice cream.

When we got in the car to take her home, I asked her if she wanted to listen to heavy metal or K-Pop. She unhesitatingly replied, "heavy metal," and asked me to turn up the volume. We had a rousing sing-a-long to Europe's "The Final Countdown", but the best was really when Darkthrone's "Valkyrie" came on and she started improvising her own vocal line. Which mostly seemed to consist of "Wooooah, woah, woah, woah!" at the top of her lungs. Clearly she's a true fan! (Or, you know, she's six and she's just enthusiastic about everything.)

A rollicking good time was had by all.

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