January 26th, 2019


Younger Nephew Discovers Foreshadowing!

Played Mass Effect 2 with Younger Nephew today. We're getting close to finishing it. I'm going to have to decide what to try him on next. Mass Effect 3 is probably inevitable, but I understand the ending is disappointing. Then again, Younger Nephew might not care provided that there are suitably epic explosions.

Although his grasp of storytelling has grown by leaps and bounds. He has particularly latched on to the idea that certain scenes are setting up for or hinting at future events. In some cases, quite perceptively - he was very clear on the idea that when he intervened in the fight between Miranda and Jack, and sided with Jack, that that was going to cause problems between him and Miranda later. Other connections seem more dubious - he explained to me that it was obvious that the Illusive Man was a bad guy (something he has been insisting on from quite early on) because "his eyes are blue, and the Collectors...sort of bluish! It's obvious, really!"

He was also very emotionally engaged with the game events. He admitted to being "terrified" by the mission on the derelict Reaper ship, and almost decided to bail on it and come back when he had better weapons. I encouraged him to try again and he got through it. He was delighted by the character of Legion, telling me, "I don't know why, but I really like this guy!" (I really like Legion, too.) He was super-dismayed by the interlude in which Shepherd leaves the ship and you have to play as Joker. ("Aw, I'm Shepherd! Why do I have to be this jerk?")

I'm also really intrigued by how much he remembers of game events that he didn't seem to be all that interested in at the time. When we picked up the character of Jack, he didn't really seem all that interested in her. But today he suddenly informed me that we had to go "find the girl that we rescued from the prison" and do her loyalty mission. And when we visited the lab where Jack was experimented on, he turned to me and said, "No wonder she's a psychopath!" (He was a bit upset by Jack's tendency to swear. To be fair, I'd forgotten how salty her language could be. Younger Nephew turned to me at one point and exclaimed, wide eyed, "I only know two swear words, and she just used both of them in one sentence!" But he also told me that he knew those words because his brother had taught them to him. I want this on record so I won't be blamed if he uses those words later.)

Anyway, if anyone has any game recommendations for an increasingly sophisticated young boy, drop 'em in the comments. (I don't think I can interest him in the Dragon Age games yet, sadly - he's remained resolutely uninterested in any fantasy games in my collection except for The Witcher 3, and he is in not old enough for that one yet.)

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