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Every time I go to Worldcon, I have this strange idea that I'll be socially organized, and figure out my schedule in advance, and figure out which of my out-of-town friends will be there in advance, and make plans to meet up with some of them, and so on. Quite where this strange idea comes from, I don't know, since it never corresponds to reality. It's especially unlikely to correspond to reality at any time when I'm having a busy time at work and Worldcon starts the day after my birthday.

Programming-wise, I'm statistically likely to attend panels on gritty fantasy, Doctor Who, and/or feminism. I'll probably try to make it to at least one of the "Stroll with the Stars" walks, and I'll probably attend a lot of readings.

If you'd like to try to meet up, and you don't have my contact info, drop me an email: the second half is "", the first half is "wshaffer74", and they are joined in the usual way by an @.
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