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In which I am painfully hip... 
30th-Aug-2011 05:48 pm
running, shoes
...or perhaps hipfully pained.

About a month ago, I went for a run, and afterwards my left hip and thigh were sore. I took a week or so off from running, went for a short run, felt fine during then run, and then later - pain in the hip again. Iced it, foam rolled it, took a week off from running, felt fine, went for a short run, ow. Repeat for a few weeks until I decided that I was clearly incompetent at self-diagnosis and treatment, and made an appointment with an orthopedist specializing in sports medicine.

So, the doctor poked and prodded at my hip while he had me sit, stand, and lie down with my leg in various positions. Apparently the fact that the pain was all on the outside of the hip rather than in the groin was very encouraging. He took a couple of hip x-rays, which were normal. (Thus relieving me of my not-very-probable fear that I'd somehow given myself a pelvic stress fracture and that my hips were going to crumble. And my other not-very-probable fear that he'd tell me I had osteoarthritis of the hip and would have to stop running. And my other other not-very-probable fear that he'd tell me I had some kind of weird congenital hip malformation that had somehow never been previously diagnosed and that I would have to stop running. Yes, folks, I lie awake at night worrying that mean people will make me stop running. How did this happen?)

Turns out that I have something called trochanteric bursitis. ("Trochanteric" is a word so bizarre that even autocorrect can't mess with it.) Basically, there are little fluid-filled sacks in your joints called bursae, and the one in my hip is inflamed and rubbing on my hip bone. The doctor gave me a cortisone shot, a prescription for anti-inflammatories, and advised me to lay off running for a few weeks but to feel free to do any other form of physical activity that doesn't cause pain. And to stretch my hamstrings.

So, this kind of hoses my plans to run a 10K in September, but the long term prognosis is good. ("I hardly ever have to do surgery on people like you!" the doctor told me cheerfully.)
31st-Aug-2011 03:26 am (UTC)
Are you so hip you have difficulty seeing over your pelvis? ;)

Seriously, though, I'm glad that you sorted out what was going on, even if it's kind of a weird thing (although it sounds like it's more prevalent than I suspected, judging from your doctor's reaction.) I'm also glad you're not in pain. And there will be other 10Ks!

Is water jogging/running be OK?
31st-Aug-2011 04:51 am (UTC)
Yay! Hitchhiker's reference.

Water jogging would be great, and I'm looking into some of the local pools to see if any of them have hours and membership fees that would make them feasible. I'm probably going to start by investigating what I can do at the gym at work (which, alas, does not have a pool) - my doctor seemed to think that elliptical and rowing machines would probably work fine for me as cross-training options, but if it comes to it, the gym at work has a hand-operated stationary bicycle. I might also just take this as an opportunity to temporarily increase the frequency of my strength training, especially things like deadlifts that improve hamstring flexibility.
31st-Aug-2011 07:58 pm (UTC)
You could come walking with me and soon-not-to-be-named-Arthur! He loves walks.
31st-Aug-2011 10:28 pm (UTC)
I'd love to come walking with you and not-Arthur sometime! (I'd have joined in on last weekend's hike, but I uncharacteristically overslept.)
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