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Does the world go round? 
4th-Sep-2011 11:36 am
language, voyage
Last night, Daniel and I went to see the free Shakespeare in the Park production of Cymbeline, along with swan_tower, kniedzw, and teleidoplex, and a bunch of other fine folks whose LJ identities, if they have them, I do not know.

The wikipedia article on Cymbeline suggests that it may have been written as a deliberate parody. It's certainly notable for including nearly the entire shopping list of comedy plot devices (Stolen children whose true identities are revealed at the end? Check. Potions that cause the appearance of death? Check. Mistaken identity? Check. Wagers regarding women's fidelity? Check. Cross-dressing? Check.) And it employs these devices with even less attention to plausibility than is typical. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it - the production was done with the right level of whimsy to encourage you to turn off the critical faculties and just enjoy the spectacle.

I recommend it. Dress warmly, though - it gets cold and foggy out there in the Presidio.
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