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Wendies wobble, but we don't fall down 
14th-Sep-2011 12:35 pm
running, shoes
I did a really interesting exercise with my trainer in today's session: basically, we did step ups, but rather than doing them for strength (slow, controlled step up and down), we did them for power/speed (pop up and back down as fast as you can). I already knew that my left leg was weaker than my right, but when the exercise is done this way, the difference is striking: not only do I generate less power with my left leg, and tire faster, but my balance is noticeably worse. (Like, "How do I not tip over when I got up stairs?" worse.)

I don't know whether this weakness is the cause or an effect of my recent hip injury, but it's something I'm clearly going to want to correct. Fortunately, I can do step ups anywhere there are stairs, so it ought not to be too hard to work more of them into my routine. (I've been trying to do more glute and hip flexor exercises to help with the hip bursitis, and they all involve getting down on the floor and doing things that look either undignified or obscene. I have a hard time doing them where other people might see me.)

On a more triumphant note, I overhead pressed 18 pounds today. That may not seem like a lot, but I can remember a not-too-distant time when overhead pressing 10 pounds was a struggle.
14th-Sep-2011 10:11 pm (UTC)
nice work!
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