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Today's lesson: If you fall over before completing a rep, it doesn't count 
28th-Sep-2011 12:22 pm
running, shoes
I think my personal trainer decided today that I had leveled up and he could therefore teach me a whole bunch of new exercises. It's like getting whole bunch of new skills on your character sheet, only sweatier.

First, he had me do some 500m sprints on the rowing machine. Then we did a bunch of balance work using the bosu ball. (This is a thing that looks like half of a big blue inflatable ball stuck to a flat platform. You stand on it and enjoy the sensation of all the muscles in your legs working like mad to keep you from falling over.) We used to do balance work with just me standing on one leg, but after a while I sort of got good at that, so I guess we had to make it harder. My trainer showed me that he can, in fact, balance himself standing on a medicine ball. Which I suppose I can look forward to if I ever learn to balance myself with ease on the bosu.

Then we did lawnmowers, which are a bent-over row where you are your own bench. Basically, you get in a lunge position, brace one forearm on your front knee, and row a dumb-bell with the other arm. So, not only do you get an upper back workout, your front leg really works to keep you braced. You can actually look down and watch the muscles in your shin and ankle contract to keep you upright and stable. It gets sort of hypnotic - the muscles fire on first one side, and then the other, back and forth, working really hard to make sure that nothing moves. If you're feeling philosophical, you can reflect on just how much work it can be to hold still.

I think my legs are really, really, going to hate me tomorrow.
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