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Impatient patient 
30th-Sep-2011 10:51 am
awkwardness, incapacitated
Went for a short run yesterday morning. Felt a bit sore afterwards. Bah. Had my follow up appointment with the orthopedist today.

He poked and prodded me and had me move my hip in every possible direction. If my case is unusual at all, it's in that most of my pain is now in my butt and in the muscles at the top of the front of my thigh. This is slightly atypical for bursitis, but I don't have any of the other symptoms that would indicate torn cartilage, or sciatica, or another exciting nerve disorder that I've forgotten the name of. He did say that if I continue to have pain in my butt, I should come back in a couple of months and he'll do an MRI to make sure I haven't torn a gluteus muscle, but neither of us thinks that very likely. (If I'd torn a muscle, it ought to be giving me hell when weightlifting.)

Otherwise, I just have to be patient, keep my running mileage low for a while longer, and keep weight lifting and cross training as much as I can.

I'm thinking that maybe I'll devote the month of October to seriously working on my performance on the rowing machine. As much as it sucks to not be running, what I think I miss the most is having a clear plan for what I'm going to do on the days I've allotted for aerobic exercise, and having a set of well-defined fitness goals that I'm progressing towards.
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