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Writing milestone

So, I've just passed 100 long-hand pages written in the current novel-in-progress, a.k.a Summoner (serious working title), a.k.a How I Went to Elf Camp and Didn't Get Laid (snarky working title). That probably works out to roughly 20,000 words. What particularly pleases me is that I've made it this far without getting bored or completely running out of plot ideas, which is what has happened at about 10,000 to 15,000 words in to every previous novel I've attempted, including a previous incarnation of Summoner.

I'm not sure if I've matured as a writer, or if I've just developed more sheer bloody-minded determination. Or if there's a difference.

My coworkers have started to notice my habit of using my lunch breaks to work on my novel. One of them is now writing poetry on her lunch breaks. This is kind of awesome.

Also, I need to make more time to type up my drafts. I've got maybe 300 words of this transcribed to a text file. I really shouldn't wait until I've drafted the whole darn thing to type the rest.

Also, I suck at names. 20,000 words in, two significant characters appear in the text only as "[Elf Dude]" and "[Bad Elf]".
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