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Audio Review: Doctor Who: Heroes of Sontar 
18th-Oct-2011 08:56 pm

Doctor Who: Heroes of SontarDoctor Who: Heroes of Sontar by Alan Barnes

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was initially surprised, and somewhat put off, by how much this audio played the Sontarans for laughs. Eventually, there turn out to be good plot reasons for this. The story still felt like a somewhat uneasy mixture, though, with the bumbling and comic Sontarans coming up against the Witch Guards, who seem to have wandered in from some entirely more epic story. (The Witch Guards, on initial description, sound really, really, badass - deflecting energy beams with their swords and decimating whole armies of invading Sontarans between the seven of them. I was sorry that by the end they'd kind of just turned into another megalomaniacal gestalt entity with ambitions to conquer the universe.)

To the story's credit, it's well-paced and entertaining, and writer Alan Barnes does an admirable job handling the full TARDIS crew of Tegan, Turlough, and Nyssa, even if Tegan is a bit more shoe-obsessed than I'd prefer. And there's a very touching scene between Tegan and Nyssa when Nyssa thinks she's dying that made me choke up a bit. But I wanted more maniacal alien swordsmen.

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