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FOGcon student writing contest 
24th-Oct-2011 04:12 pm
talent, pencil
This year, FOGcon will be running a story writing contest open to students at San Francisco Bay Area colleges and universities. Entrants are invited to submit a story of no more than 3,000 words that addresses the FOGcon 2012 theme, The Body. The winner will receive a free membership to FOGcon, and an opportunity to read their story as part of the convention programming. More details here: http://fogcon.org/student-writing-contest/

One of the things that I think that small local conventions like FOGcon can do that bigger conventions sometimes can't is to really engage with their local science fiction community, and maybe foster some activities or connections within that community that wouldn't otherwise come about. I'm hoping that with the writing contest, we can draw some new people into fandom and get some young writers hooked up with the larger science fiction writing community.

But first we've got to get the word out. I'm going to be doing a lot of focused publicity by contacting college writing programs and science fiction clubs and the like, but if any of you reading this would like to help spread the word by mentioning the contest on your blog or social networking site of choice, I'd be grateful. And if you know anyone who's eligible and would be interested, please let them know about the contest.

And if you're reading this, and you're eligible, send us a story!
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