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In the land of La Jolla where the shadows lie... 
26th-Oct-2011 03:50 pm
Daniel and I have been down in the San Diego area for a couple of days, spending some time with his parents before heading over to the World Fantasy Convention starting tomorrow.

Been having a good time. Got to meet up with the lovely retsuko, who I don't think I've seen since we in high school together, and meet her husband and her nearly-1-year-old son, who is definitely in the running for cutest baby that I am not related to. I've also done a bit of writing, and am nearly caught up with most recent season of Doctor Who.

Today we had a remarkably good lunch at Prep Kitchen in La Jolla. Highly recommended if you happen to be out that way. Then we stopped by an old haunt from my high school days, Pannikin Coffee and Tea, which has changed remarkably little since those days. Even the painted tables are just as chipped as they were, which makes me wonder if they've been repainted and rechipped, or if they've somehow managed to freeze them at a very particular point of decrepitude.

Something that was new was the sign in the bathroom, but even that betrays a thoroughly familiar attitude:

At the Pannikin

In chipped porcelain mugs, we serve the first sign of everyday, that things are just as they should be.

And it is understood that a dollar in the tip jar "to insure proper service" is more a quiet contract

Because we've seen your befores and your afters and we know that if it wasn't for coffee, you'd have no personality at all.

You're welcome.

Daniel and I will probably be swinging by the pre-World Fantasy Con meet-and-greet at Mysterious Galaxy this evening. And then tomorrow the conventioning starts in earnest!
27th-Oct-2011 12:16 am (UTC)
See you tomorrow! Lunch on Friday! Wheee!
27th-Oct-2011 05:11 am (UTC)
Wheee! I am planning to be at your panel tomorrow unless unforeseen logistical problems intervene! Am looking forward to seeing you!
27th-Oct-2011 01:43 am (UTC)
It was great seeing you, too! And, yeah, Pannikin, pretty much the same as always. Even the giant chess set is still around. :D
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