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FOGcon 2012 registration and programming suggestions

If you're planning on attending FOGcon 2012, now would be an excellent time to register, since the current rate of $60 per adult membership is scheduled to rise slightly on November 15. If you're not yet planning on attending FOGcon, think about it. If you've enjoyed WisCon, or 4th Street, or other smallish literary-focused SF conventions, I think I can promise you you will have a blast at FOGcon.

One of the things that last year's FOGcon gathered justifiable praise for was the quality of its programming. And one of the reasons's for the quality of the programming is that the con actually asked potential attendees to suggest topics that they would find interesting. The form for submitting programming suggestions is now up. Please feel free to suggest ideas. Even if you're not coming to FOGcon. (But you should totally come to FOGcon.)
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