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Mary Shelley in fiction?

So, I've been strongly tempted to propose a FOGcon panel based on my glee at the fact that our "ghost of honor", Mary Shelley, is actually a canonical Doctor Who companion. However, as a premise for a panel, it's a bit thin. I'm not sure there's much to say beyond, "Yeah, it's totally the Doctor's fault that Frankenstein got written," and "You haven't heard Big Finish? Dude, you've got to hear Big Finish?"*

However, one could make the panel idea a bit more broad-based by looking at fictional portrayals of Mary Shelley in general. Except I don't actually know of any beyond the aforementioned Doctor Who audios. So, help me, internets - have you read, watched, or listened to other fiction featuring Mary Shelley?

*I could propose a panel on "Audio drama as an under-appreciated art form in America." Do you think it would draw more audience members than panelists?
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