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Random writerly grumble

I wrote a remarkably effective* flirtation scene last night in the work in progress. Only problem is, it was between my protagonist and the elf she's not supposed to be attracted to**.

[Elf Dude]***, step up your game. You've got competition.

At least my human love interest is staying in the game by being awkwardly sweet, which is one of the few areas in which a 15-year-old boy can trump an elf hands down. (Elves never do anything awkwardly, and most of them can't manage "sweet" to save their lives.)

*"Remarkably effective" in this context may mean "didn't make me cringe". Jeez, teen romance is hard.

**"Not supposed to be attracted to" in relative terms, admittedly. All the elves in this book are sexy.

***No, he still doesn't have a name. Which really would hamper anyone's flirtation skills.
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