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Went climbing last night for the first time in a bit. I've sometimes… 
9th-Feb-2012 10:40 am
running, shoes
Went climbing last night for the first time in a bit. I've sometimes wondered if part of the reason that climbing is so exhausting is that I often climb in the evening after doing a personal training session in the morning. But I postponed this week's personal training session to Friday, and I was still pretty wrecked by the time I was done last night.

Last night's biggest take home lesson: My instinct when climbing is to reach for my next handhold, pull myself up, and then look for the next place to move my foot up to. However, it frequently makes more sense to move a foot up to the next foothold, push up, and then reach for the next handhold.

Second lesson: I could use more endurance. Not so much in the basic just-keep-plodding-at-a-steady-pace sense, more in the sense of recovering more quickly after I've just done something requiring significant power. I should probably add more interval training into my workouts. (I think the next phase of the New Rules of Lifting for Women workout, which I'm due to start in a few weeks, includes some intervals.)

My left foot hurts quite a bit today, which means that I should probably postpone the run I'd planned to do today.
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