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Gallifrey 2012: Big Finish Roundup 
20th-Feb-2012 06:04 pm
Here's my usual round-up of Big Finish news from this year's Gallifrey One convention. Not as news-heavy a year as some have been, but I do have a few exciting tidbits to pass along.

General Big Finish News
Not exactly news, but I got my first look at the Big Finish Companion, Volume 1, which has been out for a bit. It's a gorgeous looking book, and the product of a ton of hard work by Richard Dinnick.

Richard is now also Big Finish's web producer, and promises that the long-overdue new website is coming Real Soon Now.

There was some discussion of the economics of audio drama production. Nick Briggs said that downloads have made audio drama more accessible, but people also expect to get the stuff more cheaply. What Big Finish does is more expensive than the way most people produce audio drama. (As an example, the BBC spends 4 days on post-production for a radio drama. Big Finish spends 6 weeks.)

Doctor Who and Spinoff Series

Nick Briggs is working on an 8th Doctor boxset for November 2012. No further details on companion or format beyond that.

Barnaby Edwards has just written and directed a new 5th Doctor/Nyssa/Tegan/Turlough story. It's set in India, and called The Emerald Tiger.

Beth Chalmers mentioned that she had recently done the recording for a play called "Doctor Who - UNIT: Dominion", and Nick Briggs mentioned that this audio also features Klein.

The Tom Baker audios are going along swimmingly for everybody involved. It was a real pleasure to hear Louise Jameson say that although she and Tom had a difficult working relationship back in the seventies, she finds him a joy to work with now. There will be more Fourth Doctor stories next year. At the moment the plan is to stick with Romana I and Leela as the companions. No plans for stories with Romana II, Nyssa, or Adric.

The Charley Pollard spinoff series hasn't happened because Nick Briggs has been busy with the Tom Baker audios. He promises it will happen. (I'm just as glad that they're giving us some time to properly miss Charley before they bring her back.)

Graceless 2 has been recorded, and Graceless 3 is in the works. Simon Guerrier said he had to ditch his original planned plot for Graceless 3 after he watched "The Wedding of River Song". But he's come up with something else to do.

There are no plans for any more Lucie Miller stories. (They love the character and love working with Sheridan Smith, but that storyline is done.)

There are no plans to bring Fitz or Izzy back as 8th Doctor companions, although people keep asking about it, so maybe it will happen someday.

The possibility of getting Michael or David Troughton or Sean Pertwee to play their dads' characters was raised again. For the first time ever I think the answer was not a flat no. The fact that Michael Troughton has done some reading for AudioGo seems to have made it seem like less of a weird idea. I still don't think that this will happen anytime soon, but we might see it happen someday. (And I'm really not sure how I feel about that.)

There are plans afoot for the 50th anniversary, but no one will say anything about what they are.

Other Series

Jason Haig-Ellery mentioned that Big Finish might look into acquiring the rights to The Tomorrow People back, now that it looks like ITV is not going to do anything with them.

Sales of the Blake's 7 range have been good, but could be better. (I did my part: after the panel, I went straight to the dealer's room and bought the boxset.)

Nick Briggs also mentioned that he was trying to convince Jason Haig-Ellery to do a third series of Sherlock Holmes audios, and that that would be somewhat dependent on sales. (I did my part: along with the Blake's 7 box set, I picked up a couple of the Holmes discs in the dealer's room.)
21st-Feb-2012 06:55 am (UTC)
I don't see anyone could think they'd Sheridan Smith back - girl's been working her socks off the last year and a half as I know from following her Twitter feed. She hardly ever stops!

I don't *want* David or Michael Troughton, or Sean Pertwee to play their dads, and I hope everyone continues to resist that forever!

Interesting they're bringing Klein back.
21st-Feb-2012 04:44 pm (UTC)
I don't *want* David or Michael Troughton, or Sean Pertwee to play their dads, and I hope everyone continues to resist that forever!

Yeah. I mean, if they ever do it, I'm sure they'll be good stories and I'll enjoy listening to them. But it'll still just be someone else playing the Doctor, and just because that person is related to another actor who played the Doctor doesn't make it more authentic.
21st-Feb-2012 04:47 pm (UTC)
Although David Troughton sounds very like his dad in the audios I've heard him do, I would still feel weird about him playing the Second Doctor.
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