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Music Monday: Pretentious, Moi? 
5th-Mar-2012 10:11 am
mccoy, goth
When I first heard of Pretentious, Moi?, via last.fm, I really, really wanted to like them. Because there may be no more perfect name for a band in a genre that is perpetually criticized for taking itself too seriously. (Virtually every band I've ever loved has been criticized for taking itself too seriously. I ought to start treating it as a positive thing in reviews.)

Plus, they have fab hair. Seriously, look at this photo (copyright Taya Uddin/Eyexposed Photography). It's like a goth Pantene commercial.

It almost seemed too much to hope for that the music would live up to the image, but it does. If you like the idea of hooky, danceable goth pop that manages to have a distinctly old school feel without coming across like a Sisters of Mercy clone*, you should check this out.

Here is the band performing "Living Dead and Undecided" live:

* Yes, the first Sisters album was titled First and Last and Always. A great many bands seem to have taken that a shade too literally.
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