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Review: With Fate Conspire by Marie Brennan 
18th-Mar-2012 05:13 pm
With Fate Conspire (Onyx Court, #4)With Fate Conspire by Marie Brennan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Probably the best of Onyx Court series yet, although my personal favorite will probably always be A Star Shall Fall just for its even greater emphasis on faerie science.

I think this book may have the most engaging set of POV characters yet. I've felt like some of the previous books in the series took a little while to really get going, but I was interested in Eliza and Dead Rick's problems pretty much from the start. And the narrative does a really nice job of tying in these characters' individual problems to the larger fate of the Onyx Hall.

Another interesting thing I noticed while reading this book is that the previous books have left a very vivid picture of the setting in my mind, to the extent that it's almost a character itself. When I was about 50 pages into the book, someone asked me what I thought of it. I replied, "The Night Garden is all overgrown. I am so sad!" (Pause) "Also, I miss Irrith." I feel bad that I thought of the garden before poor Irrith, but I did. (Anyway, Irrith turns up eventually, but I can't tell you what happens to the Night Garden without being horribly spoilery.)

Like the other books in the series, you could probably read this book and enjoy it perfectly well without having read the previous ones in the series. However, you really should read the previous books first, so that you, too, can be sad about the Night Garden.

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