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Rocket from the Crypt 
28th-Mar-2012 10:27 am
pondering, bowie
I was listening to a recent episode of the Metal Hammer podcast in which the presenters were listing their top 5 live albums, and had the odd experience of hearing one of the presenters wax rhapsodic about Rocket from the Crypt, what an underrated band they were, and how much he wished he'd have been able to see them live.

This was odd to me because when I was in high school, Rocket from the Crypt were one of the up-and-coming San Diego bands, and I feel like I must have seen them a gazillion times. (It can really only have been 3 or 4, but Rocket from the Crypt was one of those bands, where, if you were bringing in a cool band from out of town, and you needed someone credible and local to open for them, you'd get Rocket from the Crypt; and if you wanted to have some new local bands play, and you needed someone to attract an audience, you'd have Rocket from the Crypt headline. So while they always put on a good show, and I enjoyed them, I sometimes felt, "Oh, God, Rocket from the Crypt again.")

It was strange to hear someone else speak with so much enthusiasm about a band that were, for me, just a decent good time. Makes me wonder if I really just didn't properly appreciate them at the time. I don't think so - my memory is that, however good they were, they weren't really playing the kind of music that got me really fired up. Just a difference of taste. Still, it might be fun to track down some of their songs and see what I think of them now.
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