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Picspam of the Nephilim 
9th-May-2012 09:07 pm
mccoy, goth
I took some screencaptures from the just-released Fields of the Nephilim live DVD, Ceromonies, to share with fellow fans over on the Dawnrazor forum, but they were pretty enough that I feel like sharing some of them here. Ceromonies is one very fine looking (and sounding) concert DVD.

Meet the band...

...Carl McCoy...

...Gavin King...

...Tom Edwards...
Tom looking cool

...Lee Newell...

...and Sir Not Appearing in this Film...er, John Carter...
Carter the Invisible Bass Machine

(In every close-up shot of Carter on the DVD, he's backlit in such a way that his face is practically invisible. Whether this is an unfortunate artifact of lighting, or a vindictive editing job by Carl McCoy to express his pique that Carter later left the band is a matter of much fan speculation.)

There's some very nice black-and-white film work on the DVD:
Look up!
Carl in black-and-white
Tom rocks out

And, of course, no footage of a Nephilim show is complete without...

...the incredible singing hat...
Look down

...Audience member holding up a Sooty puppet...
(I'm not sure exactly why a Sooty puppet at some point became de rigeur at Fields of the Nephilim shows. You can spot Sooty on 1988's Forever Remain concert video, and 1990s Visionary Heads video, and I believe I've spotted him in at least one bootleg vid on Youtube.)

...audience members building human towers.
Towers in the Crowd

23rd-Dec-2016 01:13 am (UTC)
Love it !
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