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The marginally better prepared international traveller 
8th-Jun-2012 11:26 am
language, voyage
Apologies for the radio silence around here - early tomorrow morning, I'm getting on a plane to go to Sofia, Bulgaria for eight days. I've been scrambling to get various things done before I leave, and updating LJ has gone a bit by the wayside.

This will be my first real international business trip - I'll be working out of my employer's Bulgaria office for a week and presenting at a technical writing conference we are hosting. I'm not sure how much opportunity I'll have for tourism, but I'm hoping to visit the open air book market, and possibly do some hiking on Mount Vitosha.

I have expanded my repertoire of Bulgarian phrases to include useful items such as, "My baggage is not here," "I do not speak Bulgarian," and "Can I use a credit card?" (That last is roughly, "Moga li da ispolzvam kartnata kredita?" I now know why Bulgarians speak so fast - the only way to get through one of those consonant clusters unscathed is to go in with some momentum.)

At least in theory, I'll have near constant internet access while I'm in Sofia, so you might even see some updates from there.
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